Specifications are as follows.                                                     동영상 보기

    실버키트  (미도색 키트)                                                                                     US$ 2,790.00
도장 및 마킹(marking, dry transfer decal)은 주문사양입니다.  (추가비용 : US$1,500.00)   


    윙-폴딩 메카니즘(유압 시스템 포함)은 포함되어 있습니다.(아래 사진 참조)  


    스케일 메인-리트랙트 세트                                                          US$ 1,090.00


   The retracts for this Corsair are made by the reknown scale retract manufacturer Sierra Giant Scale.
   They are designed exclusively to fit this model.

   We strongly recommend to use this gear with this CARF Corsair, as both, kit and retracts, are a perfect
   match and designed for each other.

   Here are a few important details which should rule out any aftermarket product:


    CNC가공 알루미눔 휠과 7인치 폴리우레탄-방탄섬유강화 타이어        US$ 165.00 x2



  스케일 테일-리트랙트 및 휠                                    US$ 469.00