Revolutionary All New GeeBee R2 (ARF)
 26.3%-scale (80"WS) big model for 35~80cc Gas Egnine

시중에 판매되는 GeeBee R2 또는 GeeBee Z는 거의 100% 착륙과 비행이 불가능합니다. (미국산,중국산 불문)

성공적인 비행성능을 보인 1/5-스케일 (.91 4-str)을 기반으로 새로이 탄생한, 충실한 스케일의 Big GeeBee R2....

Moki 50VT (4-cycle, gasoline) 및 Roto FS35, 또는 Saito 220(180) 버전의 기체를 곧 발매합니다.
(Due date : late 2009)

(DLE55 또는 35~55cc 2-str 가솔린 엔진도 사용가능함.)


  Wing Span : 2.05 metre ( 80" )
  Fuse Length : 1.385 metre ( 54.5" )
  Weight (including oleo struts) : 7.5kg (dry, 16.5 Lbs)
  Engine : Moki 50VT(recommended), Roto FS35, DLE-50, DA-50, Saito FA220(glow).

  ARF Kit includes ;
        Fuse  : Painted Composite (Epoxy + glass + liteply bulkheads)
        Wheel pants  :  Painted FRP
        Dummy engine plate  : Painted FRP
        Wing  : Vacumn-bagged foam/frp/balsa/film(oracover) lite composite structure
        Landing Gear  : Airpower hydraulic oleo struts and top class wheels.
        Hinges, horns, pushrods, fuel lines, and engine needle extentions are included.
        Engines are pre-installed at a precise angle and location. (option)

 참고 동영상은 에 있습니다. (20% GeeBee R2)

  Delivery lead time : 6 weeks upon receipt of payment.
  Price : Basic kit with Moki 50VT engine (U$2,000.00+)
  Payment : Paypal (to  or Western Union only.

 Re: Please note wheel pants are not mounted under the wing like other conventional Geebees.  
    Instead, wheel pants necks are installed on struts, and pants are fixed to the wheel poke of LG.
    So it moves with the wheels and
never cause vibration(flutter) or damage problems.

            **  Following photos are for reference use only.   They are 20% (smaller) version of GeeBee R2