Company ( An Introduction to Jet Aero Modelling, Co. )


"Regarding  "Jet Aero Modelling, Inc." ;  

We have more than 10(ten) years of Jet models experiences including


                                               Nitro DF, Turbine models, speciality flying models.

              2. We are a monopoly rc jet specialist in Korea.

              3. We source worldwide for any products that our customer wants.

              4. Our high technology and rich experiences enable us to offer the best services.



 1) Scale Turbine Jet Airplanes


 - JHI, Yellow Aircraft, Skymaster, Jet Legend, FEJ, and many more.

 (F-4, F9F8, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, F-86, F-100, F-104, C-130, L-39, B-737, etc.)


 2) Scale Turbine Helicopters


 - Turbo shaft jet engine installed scale helicopters

 (AH-1 Cobra, UH-60 Black Hawk, Airwolf, Jet Ranger, MD500, Ch-47, HH-31 Kamov, etc.)


 3) Various UAV test planes, vessels, battle tanks for research purpose


 - UAVs, UAV test planes, full scale cockpit for Simulation

 - Warship (PKM) and Missile models


 4) Heavy duty landing gears for jets. (Airpower, Robart, Spring Air, etc.)


 5) Turbine jet engines(thrust engines), turbo shaft, turbo fan, turbo prop engines

    (JETCAT, ATJ, etc)



Foundation :

June, 1995 ( as a division of Advanced Technology Systems, Inc.)



 June, 1998, became independent as Jet Aero Modelling, Inc.


Purpose :

Introducing new tech and services to micro jet market in Korea.





Major products

1. rc jet models for hobby and UAV, and accessories



2. micro turbines (JetCat Turbines(DE), ATJ Turbines(TW), AMT turbines(NL))



3. glow & diesel fuels for rc model planes (Model Technics(GB))



4. Aircraft fuel loading/unloading, storage facility (JP-8)



5. Commercial fuel storage/unloading facilities (LPG, Kero & Gasoline)



6. PBBs and AC-GPU, PCAIR facilities for local/int'l airports.



7. Bird Repelling Apparatus



8. VESDA, Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus





Worldwide partners




JetCat Turbines  - World best model turbine manufacturer



ATJ Turbines - Top quality but low cost model turbine engines



 AMT metherlands - Top quality model turbines



SPRING AIR  - Advanced pneumatic retracts for jets



 ROBART - World famous various landing gear products



JET HANGAR HOBBIES  - DF, turbine jet kits



SKY MASTER JETS  - leading company for modern jet kits


YELLOW AIRCRAFT - prop/turbine model planes


TRIM AIRCRAFT - kits and accessories for rc jets


PHILIP AVONDS - scale jet kits


WREN TURBINES - model turbines


MODEL TECHNICS - leading company for glow/diesel model fuels & plugs


Jetway Systems - Passenger Boarding Bridges, GPS, PCAIR


Fladung GmbH - Airports operating systems


EMCO WHEATON - Loading/Unloading Arms and facilities


Dean Pumps  - Loading/Unloading Pumps


Brooks Instruments  - Flow Meters, Controls


Specialty Technology Systems - Ground Devices



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