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Prop Planes                2.4GHz DR  



Antistatic Additive
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Korean Air Force, F-15K Slam Eagle
(1/9.5th scale, RTF model)

R/C Jet Airplanes
Novice guide and Info


  Innovative .91 BeeGee R2
Design & Building, Flight Video Clip


 JetCat  News


P-120SX, P-160SX
World-best Turbines

JetCat Turbines

 - Ʈ
(Ʈ ø)
 - Products and Prices
 - JetCat User Manual (.pdf)

High Quality, Low Cost
new turbines
sale !

12kgf, 24kgf ATJ (Video)


  DDR receivers in stock


                  Weatronic GmbH
                      DDR 72MHz

 - DDR Feature & Functions
 - DDR ɺǥ
 - Ʈ/ ű
 - Products and Price
 - DDR User Manual (.pdf)



Brand New ATJ-120Ti engine (Video)


Low altitude UAVs

Over the Hill UAVs


Micro Turbofan

 Tristar 500 Airliner

Dassault Rafale propjet

Turbine Airwolf Video

Turbine Cobra Video 1, 2, 3

 Kamov Turbine Heli

  6) Model Glow/Diesel Fuels


 - World-best "Model Technics (GB)" Glow/Diesel model fuels

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Hot Issue


P-160SX Test Run

JAM GeeBee R2

Fast Responding P120SE

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Big turbine C-130

P-160SE Photo, Video

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